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Through thought, art, literature, conversation and performance, the Kreative Konnections Salon nurtures the soul and encourages “kreativity” professionally and personally in the lives of those who “konnect” with Kreative Konnections.  Creativity is central to what we do.  It helps define humanity and gives us direction. The Salon is part of our commitment to that philosophy. It offers a chance to connect, reflect, listen, celebrate and ponder in an intimate setting in Kensington.
The Salon evenings may include dinner, an exhibition and performance. Or sometimes just a show. Proceeds go largely to the performing artist and the evening may include the sale of exhibited works through our SHOP.
If you’d like to attend our Kreative Konnections Salon email a request to  Places are limited and through expression of interest.
Our next Kreative Konnections Salon, at 7.30pm on Saturday 2 April 2016, features the show, Music for a Warming World from Kreative Konnections singer-songwriter Simon Kerr and The Simon Kerr Perspective. Music for a Warming World is a show that inspires, addresses rising temperatures, warms your heart and uplifts your soul. 


The new, highly original and entertaining multimedia journey into climate change is by songwriter, guitarist and climate thinker, Simon Kerr.  Simon and his band take us on a journey that speaks honestly about the science of climate change, the changes that will come, what we can do and how to live well in a changing world.  It features Kylie Morrigan (Violin), Scott Lewis (Piano and Keys), Tiya Beggs (Vocals) and Christine Parker (Video and laptop). Tickets $20. 


To attend the Kreative Konnections Salon email a request to



The work of contemporary visual artist, Catherine van Wilgenburg is currently available at our SHOP.
Van Wilgenburg's depiction of the Australian landscape and its totems featured in her exhibition Whitefella business in my street.  She challenges the non-indigenous Australian community to connect with a deeper sense of the land and a deeper understanding of our appropriation of that landscape.  This is depicted in her pixelated paperbark series and earthing photographic images.

Catherine van Wilgenburg, visual artist.

When newly arrived Catherine van Wilgenburg saw the southern light she changed; jolted by the huge skies and stretched horizons, fractured between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal histories.
Van Wilgenburg's art making is a tool to scratch beneath the surface, to connect with land in her own backyard, immersing herself in real Australia. It's a migrant's journey in painting, and photography: site specific, inspired by deepening relationships with Aboriginal elders and environmental scientists through her work on the Iramoo grasslands in St Albans and Cairnlea in Melbourne's west.
Van Wilgenburg's exhibition Whitefella business in my street draws us into a deeper sense of place and its indigenous origins.  Captured through a range of media including the use of pixellated paperbark pieces and photography the work draws us into the land.  It's a collection of paperbark works and photography from trees in Catherine's street and throughout Victoria
Van Wilgenburg's artistic purpose is to connect us all - business, government and community - to the land through commissioned and other art works.


28th February: David Bowers, Australian pop artist; Andrew McSweeney, singer-songwriter.
28th March: Rebekah Stuart, Pictures of Elision; Simon Kerr, singer-songwriter.
2nd May: Catherine van Wilgenburg, White fella business in my street; Aboriginal singer-songwriter Brett Lee
13th May: Catherine van Wilgenburg, A conversation with the artist at 7.30pm (Free).
23rd May: Nicola Dracoulis, Viver meio do barulho – Living in the middle of the noise: a photo documentary from the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Dany Maia, Brazilian jazz diva.
25th July: Albert Uriach, photo documentary series from India with Bollywood dancing from the Aatma Dance Co.
24th October: The undiscovered piano works of Peter Henry; An evening of elegance, dinners suits and fancy frocks.


Vision   “Where there is no vision, the people perish  . . . "  Proverbs 29:18

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