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Simon Kerr,
Sounds (songwriting, performance and story telling) 
I make connections through music. A New Zealand songwriter, guitarist, singer and thinker - now based in Melbourne - I’m also a former academic, with a PhD in political ecology. I’m a thinker, communicator, and songwriter, with three studio albums and performances on a number of compilations.
Music and story telling are my tools about the world and our place in it.  Observations of life mixed with humor, death, mystery and politics performed extensively in New Zealand and Australia.
My songwriting is genre bending, eclectic and humorous, from a zombie trilogy to my response to the challenges of a warming climate. Sometimes described as ‘the Pink Floyd of folk music’, and ‘the thinking person’s rock music’, I play epic world-music ragas and reggae beats to sublime folk stories. And the reviewers: ‘world class,’ ‘spellbinding,’ ‘breathtakingly brilliant . . . it is wild gypsy music and rock and folk and the spirit of so many influences and genres’. 
Creator of works for those with something to say.


Vision   “Where there is no vision, the people perish  . . . "  Proverbs 29:18

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