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Nicky Dracoulis,
Images (portrait and documentary photography)


I’m a portrait and social documentary photographer with a passion for contemporary street dance. A master’s graduate of the London College of Communication in photojournalism, I’ve worked in the UK, Brazil and Australia.
My work: photos of the fleeting subtleties of human behaviour, the dynamic exertions of performance and creativity, and the warmth and strength of communal life.
Viver No Meio do Barulho - Living in the Middle of the Noise - captures young Brazilians in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro in 2006 and revisits them in 2013.
I love the connections that life makes.  In 2009 I developed a dance exchange between Rio and Hackney in London, which featured the funk moves of Rio youth at the Festival of Brazil in London in 2010.
I help people connect with the complexity, culture and passion of our lives.


Vision   “Where there is no vision, the people perish  . . . "  Proverbs 29:18

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