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Stephen Axford,
Director form (urban design, strategic planning)


I'm curious.  I wonder how things work, and how they could work better. It’s been the driving force in my architecture, psychology and urban design.
It’s reflected in my design of great urban places, and an almost obsessional commitment to not leap to physical solutions (the "hardware") before considering the "software": activities, uses and events.
Lately I've been going back to my roots, using hands-on techniques, such as freehand drawing and modeling, to analyse and engage.
Work should be fun, so our design processes entertain as well as inform.  What could be more engaging than playing with plasticine, doodling in a sketcher or playing in a 3D computer game? So come join us in a daze of transformational design to make great places and spaces to engage in.


Vision   “Where there is no vision, the people perish  . . . "  Proverbs 29:18

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